Modern Armour
Modern Armour
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Tanks and armoured vehicles (personnel carriers and artillery units) have played a massive role in modern conflicts of the later 20th century and early 21st. They are indispensable strategic pieces, however their susceptibility to anti-tank weapons, helicopters and aircraft and stationary explosives means they rarely travel singularly, but rather supported by other units. Despite these limitations, modern tanks can be incredibly durable; the Challenger II is an advanced and heavily armoured tank that uses Chobham Armour for protection. Since its invention the term Chobham armour has come to describe any armour composed with the following properties: ceramic tiles encased in a metal frame and welded to a backing plate and layers of elastic. This offers great resistance to anti-tank rounds and armour piercing shots, as was demonstrated in the 2003 Iraq War (none of the tanks deployed were destroyed, despite coming under often intense fire). With the advancement of missiles and aircraft that can penetrate any existing armour, protection is no longer as crucial. Perhaps more important are techniques of camoflauging (from sight, infra-red and radar) armoured units.
Research is being made into making tanks totally invisible, using cameras to project the surroundings onto the tank and utilising existing stealth technology to absorb radar beams.


"Tanks come in two forms: the dangerous, deadly kind and the "liberating" kind."
- Robert Fisk


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