February 5th, 2009

Our mod is almost ready to be tested. We are somewhere between v0.7 and v0.9 on our roadmap. With some serious effort we should have a playable mod that meets our standards released inside of a month (possibly two).


*XML only

In Development - No help needed

  • Civics - Will be finished very soon thanks to Bahmo
  • Scenario - A very ambitious undertaking, will be one of the last things finished, but is under control thanks to Genghis Kai
  • Buildings - Firestorm94 is going to start adding buildings once we have a complete list. Please give us suggestions in the buildings thread
  • UUs and UBs* - sandman730 and Joecoolyo have these covered
  • New UN Feature - Thanks to Steve, our newest member

*XML only

In Development - Help Wanted

  • Units - Ajidica is beginning to add them, but there are a lot, he will almost certainly not be able to add them all himself. Someone please volunteer to help with the XML here! We could also use more art for a number of these. We still need someone to look around this forum and find existing naval units we can use. As well, sheep21 (who has done all of our military research) needs someone to help him by researching Armoured Personnel Carriers. Those are both great jobs for any non or beginner modder who wants to make a contribution and help get this released faster. Other than that, thanks to sheep, the list of all units and the number each country in the world has in service is finished. He has merged those down to a number we can reasonably include in the game, so our list of units to include is all but finished (other than APCs of course). Believe it or not! This mod and scenario is going to contain 48 civs with militaries balanced extremely close to exactly as they are in reality.
  • Features - We have found some of our feature ideas in other mods that we have now merged. Weapons Licenses are a done deal, no problem with those. We have a few SDK/Python people looking in to some of the other ones we would like to have in version 1.0, however our ability to have most of these functional remains in question. If you are a SDK/Python modder and want to help us make any of the changes, please send myself or DVS a private message. We would love to have you helping. IMO it would be great to find someone with these skills and some time who is interested in trying some additional GDP related modifications in particular. Features thread.
  • Ideologies - Ideas for each are finalized, XML work still has to be done. (volunteers welcome) Ideologies are our replacement for religion, no XML work has begun on them. Buttons are taken care of thanks to ianinsane.
  • Events - We have enough good ideas for events. Some have been added, I don't know the exact status. If we can't find someone new to help with these, I'm sure the existing team can handle them soon enough. Other areas are a priority I'd say, but if someone wants to take a crack and them, please do.
  • Leader Art - All 48 of these have been added, including LHs, buttons, and civilopedia entries. We're only using animated leaderheads; most have placeholder art for now, some look great, others need work. We could still use custom skins for a few more of our leaders. Art thread. China (Hu Jintao) in particular, if someone who can skin wants to do a request. It's such an important civ and I have such a crummy placeholder for him (Hirohito). Better placeholder suggestions also welcome. I also really can't find a LH that resembles Gaddafi in any way.
  • Building, UB and UU Art - Low priority, but if anyone can find or make any decent graphics for these, it's much appreciated.

Hopefully we can find a new team member or two to help us make our ambitious goal of finishing 1.0 (at least for testing) this month. If you want to help, send NikNaks or DVS a private message, or post anywhere in the forum.

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