Which version of Civ is this for?
Beyond the Sword (3.17)

What mods is it based off of?
We're using the World of Civilization mod as a base.

Can I use all of/parts of this in my own mod?
Of course! Be careful to credit the right people, though. We are using other users' work alongside our own.

Why did you guys create this mod?
The aim of World 2009 is to represent the world of 2009 as accurately as possible within the limitations of the Civ engine but still making it fun to play. We hope to accurately represent modern militaries, world relations, industry and by 2.0, social, health and education issues, allowing you, the player, the opportunity to experience a much deeper sense of immersion than in vanilla Civ.

Why is there an EU civ instead of split nations?
We took this decision early on to cut down on civs. At the time, it was a logical choice, and still holds. We will be providing alternatives as modules in the future.

Why are the UK, Denmark and Sweden not part of the EU?
This was due to their distinctness in regards to their policies in economy, diplomacy and military as compared to other EU nations.

Will there be a scenario with a standard size map?
At a later date, we hope to provide other scenarios, and this will be one of them.

Is there anywhere I can get information on the mod?
A spreadsheet and wiki will both be available soon. For now, check out threads in the forum.

When will this mod be finished!?
We're aiming for an early release by the end of February 2009, and a full release soon afterwards.

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